The Best Anime Series From The 1980′s

In the early 1980′s was an anime program that caught the attention of a cult of followers that still flock to the Internet for videos and information. It was called “Battle of the Planets.” Battle of the Planets followed the adventures of a group of misfits that could mutate into superheros at will. This is controlled by an implant in their brain which they can activate when need be. Their group is known as G-Force and is part of the a group known as “Galaxy Security.”

G-Force is made up of Jason, Mark, Princess, Keyop and Tiny. Each character maintains two separate identities and each of these identities has two distinct vehicles. The easiest way to understand this concept is with Jason. When in human form, Jason flies a standard prop airplane, when he transforms into his G-Force counterpart, the plane also transforms into a super powered jet fighter.

G-Force has dedicated themselves to protecting planet Earth. The main threat to the galaxy and to earth comes from the planet Spectra, which is led by a character known as Zoltar. Zoltar actually answers to an entity known as “The Spirit” which provides for a high level of tension for this character. Zoltar is constantly pushed harder and harder by The Spirit to deal with the G-Force problem.

Zoltar’s main attempts to deal with G-Force center around trying to determine the identity of their human forms, which nearly happens several times during the run of the show. Zoltar and Spectra themselves are clouded in mystery. The main part of the show that builds interest as time goes by is the constant pull between finding out whom Zoltar is and Zoltar nearly finding out the identities of the G-Force characters.

Battle of the Planets was one of the first anime shows from Japan to air in the United States and gained a cult following right away. The style of animation was new to those in the United States, as well as slight differences in the way that the storyline develops. Even, today G-Force has a huge cult following and remains one of the best anime shows of the 1980′s.